Chair-Pak, the portable, lightweight backpack chair

A full sized backpack that combines perfectly with a comfortable, adjustable chair to improve any outdoor experience






Chair-Pak is a full size backpack featuring 4 zipper pockets, padded shoulder straps, water bottle holders and a removable soft cooler (for easy cleaning), combined with...A comfortably padded seat which is adjustable to any height, and compact profile for maximum portability utilizing...Intuitive engineering making Chair-Pak extremely easy to use, and fully guaranteed - we stand behind our product completely, offering a full refund within 30 days and a one year limited product waranty


Check out some great outdoor destinations near you to use Chair-Pak!


Backpack Chair Reviews talk about quality workmanship, great design, perfect for sporting events

For over a decade Chair-Pak has been providing instant relaxation for those who embrace an active lifestyle. Customers tell us Chair-Pak is the best portable backpack chair combination - a perfect solution for all outdoor events.

Chair-Pak is a ultralightweight backpacking chair to take camping, and on hikes in the great outdoors.

A portable backpack chair for the beach that can be lowered for a fully adjustable lounge chair

Outdoor folding chair with built-in cooler perfect for outdoor music festivals

Outdoorsmen love having a comfortable chair and full size backpack for fishing and hunting

Also...*Youth Sports *Airshows * Concerts * Camping *Basketball * Photography * Wine Festivals * Amusement Parks * Sporting Events.....and much more!

"G'day Chair-Pak! My Chair-Pak arrived yesterday....YAY! I`m very pleased with your product, it`s all I`d hoped for in regards to clever design and build quality." James, Victoria Australia "Team Chair-Pak, I am glad to see your product is still being manufactured, it has been a faithful companion for many years on fishing, hiking, camping and music festival outings!" Steve, WI "Chair-Pak: WOW! This has got to be the most convenient backpack chair for fishing ever! My friends are all going to be buying them ASAP!" Lance, New Jersey "Chair-Pak Team: Best piece of sports equipment I have ever bought!" Eric, Dallas TX "Based on my experience with your product, two members of my family and my best friend also placed orders." Sean-Paul, CA "Great service and a great product that was ideal for a music festival where we moved from stage to stage." Carol, New Zealand "Hi Chair-Pak, Most do not have the quality construction, versatility, durability or ease of care that your product does." James, San Diego CA "Chair-Pak Company, I received my Chair Pak today and I love it! Its the perfect size and I can't wait to use it at the concert." Mia, Goldsboro NC "Dear Chair-Pak, Your product really saved me from having to carry so many items on my painting treks, I love your product." Irene, Downey CA "Chair-Pak, When I opened the package all of my friends (15+ people) all liked the Chair-Pak and wanted to get one for themselves because it really is convenient when we are at our break dancing events." Jhun Abueg, San Francisco CA

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